Hello VU Members!

As you may have heard, my company Noodleware.com has (finally) purchased VictorsUnited.com. We had a deal going last year but it didn’t work out.


Kevin and Shane did offer the site again once it (unfortunately) crashed back on March 18th. They made a generous offer, so contracts were revised, signed and returned earlier this week.

I am now waiting on several things:

  • All the source code, images and such (being mailed) for recreating the site on my home computer. After everything is running properly (be patient here!) files will then be transferred to my server and be back online for everyone.
  • Facebook and Twitter admin rights so I can give better updates
  • Paypal access so I can manage everyone’s recurring memberships (hoping you didn’t get charged during downtime!)

I have everyone’s email and am attempting to reconnect. There are over 30,000 emails that have singed up over the years!!!

I hope you’l keep in touch and please comment here about anything.


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