Installation and Testing on local machine – Day 1

This post will keep everyone up to date as to the status of me getting the site running on my local Windows 7 machine.

  • 4.25.18 am: I first need to make sure SQL Server 2012 is running and can connect to one of the test databases given to me prior to opening the site in the Visual Studio environment. There can be many, many needed extras in a Microsoft world – some of which you are not aware of until you keep installing things and all errors messages stop. It’s always been this way for Microsoft!
  • 4.25.18 pm: As Shane mentioned to me this site was originally designed with SQL Server 2012 installed on his computer. This older version was very hard for me to find on the MS (Microsoft) site, but I was able to track it down. I now need to remove everything pertaining to Server 2014!

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