Installation and Testing on local machine – Day 2

It’s early. I’m thinking. I’m thinking about how I’m going to approach today’s trouble shooting.

Sometimes it’s better to be away from the computer. It’s like writing a song – don’t have an instrument around, just figure it out in your head.

I finally have SQL server 2012 running but I still need to connect to one of the databases Shane has provided to me.

It’s not easy because it’s Microsoft – they always want you to try to scratch your head a little bit to figure things out – they never give you any kind of straightforward solution.

I’m hoping there’s an updated document waiting for me in my email. Shane has been adding to it daily and I think it’s probably almost completed.

Maybe he’ll mention something about getting the database connected.

Plus I still am waiting on the last working database that crashed on March 18. This has the most recent version of the scores and such and is 90gb in size I’m told!

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