We have all Board images!

Taking over a web gaming site is a tough challenge. There are so many moving parts. We now have all board images and are still waiting on the final database files to be mailed (they are huge!)
Some software updates are required to get this game running on our development computer, but we’re confident we can have things running in a couple days.
Next would be setting up a server just for this site and testing it some more. We then will be receiving the .com and can once again have the VictorsUnited.com site up and running!

5 thoughts on “We have all Board images!”

  1. Okay — thanks. A few years ago I gave $10 for access to some extra maps, but I never joined as a premium member. The VU interface is very good. The maps are excellent — Iran; Syria; Ukraine; Mideast; and the Prison! The AI is good, but not very challenging if you’re careful.

    1. I’ll need to review all Paypal transactions once I have the site running. Please keep in touch – I want to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

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