Faster game play? Let us know.

How is everyone’s game play working out? We’re finding it necessary to do a sort of reset to keep the computer running best. This reset should not interfere with play, but please let us know.

5 thoughts on “Faster game play? Let us know.”

  1. See my other comment. Things are going faster overall.

    However I’m a free player, and the “ads” for support pop up every time the AI bot takes a turn. Can you get rid of that?

  2. Me again.

    I noticed that the speed of solitaire/bot games depends on the number of bot “AI” opponents. Each AI takes its own sweet time following the algorithm, so a multibot game (5 to 9 “opponents”) seems to take forever.

    The pop-up ads continue to be a nuisance — not only the VU ad, but the ones at the sides of the frame. Some of us have older PC’s/laptops/tablets with slower internal CPU’s.

    I feel like I’m talking to myself, here.

    1. I’ve noticed the bots do take a longer time since moving to the new server. I have no explanation.

      I’d hope you’d consider going premium. The support helps fund the site plus you’ll have so many game options to work with.
      I’ll give you a free month if you’d like to check it out.

      1. Actually the only difference on the new server is that it needs to be ‘throttled’ each time the cpu’s use more than 60%. This is due to the code I was given. Shane compensated by having an enormous amount of ram, which is impractical.

        Each time the CPU throttles, it sort of resets and this may cause the game to time out for a split second and possibly make the bots rethink.

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