Complimentary 2 Weeks of Premium Membership!

As our way of saying thank you for joining, we’ve given you a Complimentary 2 Weeks of Premium Membership! We’ve sent out emails to all non-premium members.

If you did not receive an email from us today, we do not have a valid email on file, so please comment here and also update your email at

Enjoy All The Benefits Of Premium:

* Play unlimited games at once
* Play real time lightning games
* Play on any of our 50+ maps (with more on the way)
* Create games with advanced rules (Like Fog of War)
* Play “Team Games” and have your friends help you attack the enemy
* Play games exclusively against other premium members

Let us know what you think and consider joining us as a regular player


3 thoughts on “Complimentary 2 Weeks of Premium Membership!”

    1. As per our email, I will also post here:

      After searching the records I don’t see any subscription for you, so there wasn’t any way to offer you a complimentary membership.
      I’ve just given you one, so please let me know you’re now able to create custom games and such.

      1. I have played on VU for several months… I don’t know why you can’t find Vaslov/Kev11sky in your records.

        Thanks for the full complimentary membership! Now I can create custom games. vs. the bots.

        A few days ago I got partly upgraded, as I was able to access the menu for custom games — but I couldn’t actually START a game (it said because I wasn’t premium).

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