*** You Should No Longer Be Paying Prospect Interactive ***

Prospect Interactive is Shane’s former company who was automatically rebilling all members for years.

My company Noodleware Software LLC. was unable to take over Shane’s Paypal account earlier this year, otherwise there would be no need to post this.

I need to manually DISABLE everyone’s memberships up until March 2019 as they come due and I have been emailing each player about a week prior to that date with a heads up.

Yet several players have recently been rebilled from Prospect Interactive.

If you are still being charged by Prospective, I’d suggest you do a couple things:

  • Contact Shane directly paypal@prospectinteractive.com OR shanemenchions@gmail.com
  • Log into your Paypal account and cancel the recurring payment shown as Prospective Interactive only
  • Contact Paypal and put in a complaint on any of these charges so they can be reversed if Shane isn’t cooperative (open a case if needed)

    I’m doing the best I can under these circumstances and I hope everyone here understands I need to move every billing account into my Paypal system. Your support helps cover monthly costs to keep the site going.

    Thank you again for you understanding,

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