VU Fall Tournament

Players have been mentioning the idea of tournaments and it’s a great idea.

Here are some ideas we’ve been considering:

  1. A series of 3 or 4 maps would be used for each leg (possibly North America). We’re even considering creating a new map just for this.
  2. The first game would consist of 16 players with each consecutive game having fewer players until we get down to the final 2 players. Four games in total.
  1. Tourney players must be premium members.
  1. The winner would be awarded a special medal plus a really cool VU t-shirt

Let’s start discussing ideas!

As always we encourage you to renew your memberships as they come due. After March 2019 everyone will be in our accounting system and we will no longer need to manually cancel any memberships.

Complimentary 2 Weeks of Premium Membership!

As our way of saying thank you for joining, we’ve given you a Complimentary 2 Weeks of Premium Membership! We’ve sent out emails to all non-premium members.

If you did not receive an email from us today, we do not have a valid email on file, so please comment here and also update your email at

Enjoy All The Benefits Of Premium:

* Play unlimited games at once
* Play real time lightning games
* Play on any of our 50+ maps (with more on the way)
* Create games with advanced rules (Like Fog of War)
* Play “Team Games” and have your friends help you attack the enemy
* Play games exclusively against other premium members

Let us know what you think and consider joining us as a regular player


Site is faster!

Found some gremlins causing speed issues. They’ve been addressed but a RAM update will also be coming. We hope to put a downtime notification out ahead of time.

Also we may need to zero out everyone’s PayPal information as Shane did not supply anyone’s details. You’ll be required to sign up for whatever plan you currently have. Sorry for any inconvenience. And again anyone with a special exception please PM us with details.

Still a few bugs to work out

We Are In A Sort Of Testing Mode:

Several portions of the site are still not working:

  • Emails for invites, game turns, etc
  • My Account page is down

Play at your own risk (pun intended) until this message is taken off. The site may go down at times, but any new games and such will be fine.

Older pending games from before March 18th have all been removed to save space and optimize things a bit.