Complimentary 2 Weeks of Premium Membership!

As our way of saying thank you for joining, we’ve given you a Complimentary 2 Weeks of Premium Membership! We’ve sent out emails to all non-premium members.

If you did not receive an email from us today, we do not have a valid email on file, so please comment here and also update your email at

Enjoy All The Benefits Of Premium:

* Play unlimited games at once
* Play real time lightning games
* Play on any of our 50+ maps (with more on the way)
* Create games with advanced rules (Like Fog of War)
* Play “Team Games” and have your friends help you attack the enemy
* Play games exclusively against other premium members

Let us know what you think and consider joining us as a regular player


Site is faster!

Found some gremlins causing speed issues. They’ve been addressed but a RAM update will also be coming. We hope to put a downtime notification out ahead of time.

Also we may need to zero out everyone’s PayPal information as Shane did not supply anyone’s details. You’ll be required to sign up for whatever plan you currently have. Sorry for any inconvenience. And again anyone with a special exception please PM us with details.

Still a few bugs to work out

We Are In A Sort Of Testing Mode:

Several portions of the site are still not working:

  • Emails for invites, game turns, etc
  • My Account page is down

Play at your own risk (pun intended) until this message is taken off. The site may go down at times, but any new games and such will be fine.

Older pending games from before March 18th have all been removed to save space and optimize things a bit.

2×2 Team Game Now Working!

I always wanted to add a 2 versus 2 player Team game. I figured it out and it was very simple. Sure, there’s still some data stuff to work out, but why not add a new feature in the meantime, right?

Check out this screen shot of a game I created on my local computer of a 2×2 Team game. I can only play against bots until we go live for real.

Almost There!

Now this is looking much better!

The data is almost all in order. I am finding issues when I try to go to the Community tab to access the forums. They were working earlier so something got mixed up.

You will see the state of Activity as it was left on Mar 18, 2018.  Once I go through some finer points (Paypal stuff, Ads, Forum, Email communications), I believe we will be back where we need to be!!!

Here’s where we’re at…

Data, data, everywhere!

There’s just too much. We have a database that was created for testing and it made more sense to use this as a starting point and simply add to it what was essential.

The hope is to preserve everyone’s score so leaderboard won’t change.

What will change is your history of games played. This data consumes too much and since we need to reupload cutting down data will speed up the process.

We’re still testing this theory, but the production data simply doesn’t run properly so this is the best option.

So what exactly is this Database we talk about?

I know we’ve been throwing a lot of techno speak around this blog. Many of you have been asking what this database is that took so long to transfer (it did finish transferring!)

Most of you are familiar with Excel, right? It’s a spreadsheet full of rows and columns. Each column has a name (first name, last name, address, etc). Each row has a line of data which fills in all those columns. This is basically a database, although it doesn’t interact with a web site – it stands alone by itself.

A database is a full blown version of this concept: Rows, Columns, Tables, lots of other cool things too.

Each Excel file can have multiple sheets. In database terms each sheet would be called a table.

There are sooooooo many tables in the VU database! Some have over 50 million rows of data! (rows). We tried pruning down some of the old game data such as chats, game logs and such.

Our main goal is to get the game running again, and then go back into the data to find what we can edit more.

Some concerns you had were your stats which should remain untouched. Your memberships should also remain untouched, although time has not allowed us to research this past of the database since getting the game back up is becoming very time consuming!

We will be setting up new Paypal subscription buttons (we don’t want Shane getting any of the money now lol), but you should be ok with your current membership – but please let us know once we’re back up!

I may reach out to some of you to help in some tests. I need to make sure the emails will go out as before – when a game starts or your turn comes up, etc.