Installation and Testing on local machine – Day 3 – Game Is Running

After some back and forth with coding concerns, Shane was able to determine what was causing the game to ‘crash’ on my computer.

I’m happy to announce we got it running!

Here’s a screen shot of the homepage. Click for larger view.

You’ll notice the URL states: http://localhost:65076/ which means the site is running on a server on my computer, not over the internet (just yet).

But it is running! Notice I registered as a new user ricknoodleware.

Now the big challenge will be to set up a new Microsoft server using the company I’ve worked with for over a decade who handles my web client server (which is UNIX based). I am also waiting on the current database from March 18 and a couple more map images, but I can start getting things set up for all to enjoy!


Installation and Testing on local machine – Day 2

It’s early. I’m thinking. I’m thinking about how I’m going to approach today’s trouble shooting.

Sometimes it’s better to be away from the computer. It’s like writing a song – don’t have an instrument around, just figure it out in your head.

I finally have SQL server 2012 running but I still need to connect to one of the databases Shane has provided to me.

It’s not easy because it’s Microsoft – they always want you to try to scratch your head a little bit to figure things out – they never give you any kind of straightforward solution.

I’m hoping there’s an updated document waiting for me in my email. Shane has been adding to it daily and I think it’s probably almost completed.

Maybe he’ll mention something about getting the database connected.

Plus I still am waiting on the last working database that crashed on March 18. This has the most recent version of the scores and such and is 90gb in size I’m told!

Installation and Testing on local machine – Day 1

This post will keep everyone up to date as to the status of me getting the site running on my local Windows 7 machine.

  • 4.25.18 am: I first need to make sure SQL Server 2012 is running and can connect to one of the test databases given to me prior to opening the site in the Visual Studio environment. There can be many, many needed extras in a Microsoft world – some of which you are not aware of until you keep installing things and all errors messages stop. It’s always been this way for Microsoft!
  • 4.25.18 pm: As Shane mentioned to me this site was originally designed with SQL Server 2012 installed on his computer. This older version was very hard for me to find on the MS (Microsoft) site, but I was able to track it down. I now need to remove everything pertaining to Server 2014!

Initial Tech Docs Received

I have received the first of several technical documents from Shane. He is outlining the details of getting the VU site running on my home computer and also how to set it up on a proper server.

Once I receive all the code and data, I’ll be running tests here at home to make sure the site is fully functional. I will then be setting up the server and transferring everything needed and run further tests.

Once things are looking good, will be transferred to me and we will have the site running once again.

This entire process could take weeks so please be patient.

Hello VU Members!

As you may have heard, my company has (finally) purchased We had a deal going last year but it didn’t work out.


Kevin and Shane did offer the site again once it (unfortunately) crashed back on March 18th. They made a generous offer, so contracts were revised, signed and returned earlier this week.

I am now waiting on several things:

  • All the source code, images and such (being mailed) for recreating the site on my home computer. After everything is running properly (be patient here!) files will then be transferred to my server and be back online for everyone.
  • Facebook and Twitter admin rights so I can give better updates
  • Paypal access so I can manage everyone’s recurring memberships (hoping you didn’t get charged during downtime!)

I have everyone’s email and am attempting to reconnect. There are over 30,000 emails that have singed up over the years!!!

I hope you’l keep in touch and please comment here about anything.