Getting closer!

My crack programmer friend Gene is assisting with some finer aspects in getting the game up and running.

I’m pruning the data quite a bit. Don’t expect to be able to search for any games older than 2017 (you don’t need to anyway). Making the data file smaller will speed up game play. I’ll also attempt to remove all those Farfetch games we’ve been complaining about.

The mail goal is to get the game running and then we’ll work on adding new maps and eventually some new programming ideas that have been in discussion for a while.

VictorsUnited server is ready to transfer files!

I know it’s been a while since we all got to enjoy playing VU, March 18th to be exact. The new server we’ve ordered is ready for files to be transferred!

Hoping this won’t take too ling, although that database we’ve played games and added chats to is a whopping 90GB in size, so uploading this will take some time.

Maybe I’ll keep the computer running all weekend.

(This is NOT the new server – lol)


The New VU Server has been ordered!

Once it’s set up files and data will begin to be transferred. We’re hoping to get the game up and running soon after that!

My crack programmer Gene stopped by and we dug deep into the VU code. Seems my project computer may be a bit too old to run the game locally, so I may be purchasing a new laptop soon.

Gene (again) was able to get the game running immediately on his Win10 laptop – so it makes sense I need to upgrade.

We do have all the files which were running online and those will be transferred to this new server. I will then be working on updates and additions once I get the new computer.

This stuff is never easy, folks!

Still issues! Hang tight folks.

Taking all this code which has been running fine on Shane’s home computer for years – and getting it to run on mine, are worlds apart.

Nothing is working. The web code which I should be able to run is also not cooperating. I emailed Shane a huge list of issues and hope to get a reply tomorrow.

I was able to trim down the database quite a bit. There is no need to keep chat and game logs for games prior to 2017.

I also have a good friend who is much more familiar with Visual Studio than I am, who is assisting on my end.

Hoping to have some good news in a couple days.

We have all Board images!

Taking over a web gaming site is a tough challenge. There are so many moving parts. We now have all board images and are still waiting on the final database files to be mailed (they are huge!)
Some software updates are required to get this game running on our development computer, but we’re confident we can have things running in a couple days.
Next would be setting up a server just for this site and testing it some more. We then will be receiving the .com and can once again have the site up and running!

Waiting on latest database

Shane is sending me the latest database which contains everything up to March 18, 2018.

We will be extending game end times so no one loses any turns.

A few more snags need to be worked out and once that’s all cleared up, it will take a bit of time setting everything up on the server.

I have everyone’s emails and will send out a blast when we’re back up.

Until then please hang in.

Installation and Testing on local machine – Day 3 – Game Is Running

After some back and forth with coding concerns, Shane was able to determine what was causing the game to ‘crash’ on my computer.

I’m happy to announce we got it running!

Here’s a screen shot of the homepage. Click for larger view.

You’ll notice the URL states: http://localhost:65076/ which means the site is running on a server on my computer, not over the internet (just yet).

But it is running! Notice I registered as a new user ricknoodleware.

Now the big challenge will be to set up a new Microsoft server using the company I’ve worked with for over a decade who handles my web client server (which is UNIX based). I am also waiting on the current database from March 18 and a couple more map images, but I can start getting things set up for all to enjoy!


Installation and Testing on local machine – Day 2

It’s early. I’m thinking. I’m thinking about how I’m going to approach today’s trouble shooting.

Sometimes it’s better to be away from the computer. It’s like writing a song – don’t have an instrument around, just figure it out in your head.

I finally have SQL server 2012 running but I still need to connect to one of the databases Shane has provided to me.

It’s not easy because it’s Microsoft – they always want you to try to scratch your head a little bit to figure things out – they never give you any kind of straightforward solution.

I’m hoping there’s an updated document waiting for me in my email. Shane has been adding to it daily and I think it’s probably almost completed.

Maybe he’ll mention something about getting the database connected.

Plus I still am waiting on the last working database that crashed on March 18. This has the most recent version of the scores and such and is 90gb in size I’m told!